Members and Affiliate Members
The Society shall be composed of the following types of Member and Affiliate member organizations (each of which shall be represented by delegates or observers as provided). (Article V).
1) Members
  1. Organizations of duly constituted Neurosurgical Societies or Neurosurgeons from other Arab countries where there is no Neurosurgical Society.
  1. Associated kindred Neuroscience Societies, the majority of whose members are Neurosurgeons and Neurologists.
  1. Free membership may be given to Arab neurosurgeons working outside the Pan-Arab region and non-Arabic neurosurgeons employed full time within the Pan-Arab region.
2) Affiliate Members
Kindred neuroscience organizations without a majority of neurosurgeons / neurologists as members may be Affiliate Members of the Society.
Section II – Application for Membership or Affiliate Membership
Neurosurgeons, neurosurgical, neuroscience, or other kindred organizations may become Members or Affiliate Members of the Society as provided by the By-Laws of the Society.
a)   Application for membership will be submitted to the Executive Committee and shall contain:
1. A copy of the Constitution of the Society.
2. A list of the officers and members.
3. A report of the previous years’ Annual General Meeting of the Society and a description of the Society’s scientific activities, journal, etc.
4. Application for free membership together with copy of curriculum vitae.
b)   All applications, when completed, shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee and its recommendations shall be submitted to the By-Law Council for approval at its next meeting.